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Ochils Paragliding Club


Editor and Webmaster - I have written this site in good faith - aiming to portray relevant, accurate and up to date information - I aim to keep it correct and update as time goes.

Last Edition: October 2017.



Pilots flying OPC sites must be current members of the BHPA, or hold Third Party Legal Liability Insurance Covers relevant to the sport.

Pilots flying OPC sites understand that no liability is attached to the OPC, or its members, for the contents of this website; each pilot must assess for himself, or herself, that the conditions - where, and at the time of intending to fly - are within his/her own abilities.



The site addresses:

   - The general public with interest in the sport or the club
   - Visiting pilots
   - Club members


I enlist your help - whoever you are - to correct: omissions, errors, misinformation or simple mistakes, by forwarding your comments - Email: Webmaster - they shall be considered and applied, if relevant.


To write the site I consulted and used variety of sources; using the freedom of proliferation of information that is the www - I copied, paraphrased or edited sources that I acknowledge below or infer within the site; this not always with the tacit approval of the source.


While the site is protected by copyrights - you are welcomed - at your own liability - to pick-up information (not illustrations) and disseminate it; providing that you do so outside commercial aims.


OPC photo

- Acknowledgments:

   - BHPA, SHPF, MetOffice and UK Gov or related sites or publications
   - Ochils Mountain Rescue Team
   - Scottish Ambulance Service
   - Target Aviation Photography - Philip Stevens - (
   - OPC pilots and collaborators for photos, videos or inputs.







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Ochils Paragliding Club

Central Scotland